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Suggestion to make Death Godlike/Pallid Fate work like PoE 1 Fightning Spirit

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So currently this trait seldom works, or only works with special combo. My suggestion to make it a buff that works like PoE 1 fighting spirit, which will be triggered when the character is at 'Near Death' status, and has a duration(for example 10 second).


This change can make it more useful because 1) this trait is not very powerful anyway as +3 PL is OK but not OP. 2) it's too risky to keep my character at Near Death, I'd rather retreat or get him healed up if this happens, which makes this trait quite pointless me(and I guess anyone who don't abuse Barring Death's Door).

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Nobody will take a class without helm with a bad talent, and everybody start to heal when -50% (except few cases... or door etc.)


10 sec or 7 sec + Int is a good start.


70 % of players near death (think to casual, a majority of players) are already ...death in fact (few seconds after). And after that there is often a "win point" where there is no a lot of damage received.


So... This passive is globally awful without a mod like dunehunter said.

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