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Thanks, but i have suspect, that the digital version have modified values on the cards (cards not same).


Look at the bottom of this developer post.


Aarik lists about 20 cards that have changed a little bit from the tabletop edition.  Communication between Obsidian and Paizo has been a two-way thing, so all the changes listed come with the blessing of the creators.


From what I recall, very few cards had to be modified to accommodate the digital ruleset, and almost all the wording changes originated on the Paizo end of things.  The big change that everyone seems to notice is that the Holy Candle changed from bury to banish.  The existence of that card has been amusingly described the by the creators as one of the greatest errors of the the Rise of the Runelords box set.  The change is actually somewhat in line with how they feel that card should work, even if they never nerfed the card in the physical game.

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