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OMG I think the weapon balance in this game is pretty good, but maybe too good sometimes, to the point it's really not clear what weapon you should equip.


I'm running a 1h rogue build (thinking I should give it up and go classic dual wield but that's another issue) and I've got these weapons in my stash just driving me nuts because I just want to use them all!



Vierina's Leaves - DAMAGE TO FLANKED


Spelltongue - ATTACK SPEED


It seems like Vierina's is the way to go, with it's extra flanked damage, which is the rogue's bread and butter, but... maaaan. I'd love for just a straightward dagger that screams, "This is THE BEST rogue weapon ever! Use it!" but I guess that's kind of bad game design. Still, Carsomyr had it's appeal for that reason. You picked it up and you were like OH YES I KNOW WHAT I'M GONNA DO WITH THIS. Well, I think it was Paladin restricted, but whatever.


There is of course the whole use Bittercut GG thing, but let's just focus on these weapons for the purpose of discussion.

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I think that you should use the dagger not only for the speed but also for the superb + 12 accuracy bonus. I use this dagger dual wielding  edge of reason + drawn in spring which grants me a high speed attack rate and good damage rate also with both weapons. I'm currently using a paladin.

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Drawn in Spring is the one handed weapon with the highest dps in the game. DiS's 25% Wounding lash is multiplicative (meaning the 25% are calculated with all damage bonuses like Sneak Attack and so on) while V. Leaves' damage bonus from the vicious enchantment is only +20% of the rapier's base damage. This means it only adds avg. 2.2 damage to each hit.

Aattuuk's enchantment is even worse.

Spelltongue not only speeds you up but also removes buffs on enemies and prolongs your own.

In terms of damage Drawn in Spring is the best option by far.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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