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Hey guys, I haven't played much PoE in a while but I want to do a run through before Deadfire, and use some of the new deadfire items as well. I'm going to run a versatile, tank/melee oriented wizard, and would like some help narrowing down my gear choices.


I'll be using Helmsman's uniform so either 10% or 0%(with durgan) recovery penalty. I want to reach zero recovery with DAoM + Citzal's. With these things already in place, do I need anything else to hit zero recovery, such as how much dex, or how little dex + gauntlets of swift action?


Quick help with these calculations would be very greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Mock

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Use pike and check the box for speed enchantment (Citzal's has speed).


You don't need any DEX to reach 0 recovery.


As you can see with the calculator, you need Gauntlets of Swift Action to reach 0 recovery with the Spirit Lance (with DaoM). If you do so you can also wear durganized padded armor (or robes of course) because the Gauntlets give you a tiny bit too much attack speed.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thanks Boeroer, the link helps a lot.


It looks like I can do DAoM + Spirit Lance + Gauntlets of Swift Action + Vulnerable attack and be at 0 recovery if I durganize the Helmsman uniform.


Just need to decide if dex is worth it to me to improve casting speeds.

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