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Return to Caed Nua Survey missing ending for Zahua





it seems you guys missed the "best" ending for Zahua in the survey where you end the quest with both legacy and persistance >0.

The ending looks like this:

"Zahua came to believe that the Tacan had survived through him. He returned to Ixamitl, where he united a number of small, vulnerable tribes under the beliefs of his people.

He called them Tacanaquin - kin of Tacan - and under his tutelage they became strong enough to resist would-be conquerors. 
Zahua taught his secrets not to one chosen person, but to all, that the line of knowledge might never be broken."






I hope you can fix it before launch.




p.s. also some other responses do not align as you can only get them when you don't complete the quest which in your survey is by itself a different choice.


Did you play the game? :3

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"Zahua came to understand that the time of the Tacan had passed. With his soul no longer fettered to worldly concerns, he grew to become the enlightened Anitlei his shaman had foreseen.

He took up in an empty monastery near Coldflow Lake, and word began to spread of his presence there. He taught pilgrims and students how to leave behind their vanity, their fear, and even their past.

He invited those who studied with him to share their newfound knowledge, so that all might free themselves from suffering."      (Legacy <0)


Is also missing

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