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Has anyone tried the Unbroken + Streetfighter combo? Haven't seen anyone talk about it yet.


Guardian/Mob stance + Persistent Distraction + Riposte seems pretty solid to me and is available pretty quick

Also escape to get into the mix due to Unbroken being a bit of a fatty


If its not working, whats it missing?

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Only briefly, but it worked quite well. Mob/Cleaving Stance is really nice with the higher damage output of Sneak Attack. Also enemies with afflictions leaving engagement get punished very hard with disengagement attacks that do +150% damage and more and +10 PEN due to the Unbroken's feats + Sneak Attack + eventually bloodied/flanked bonuses (like Blooded, Streetfighter heating up and so on). This can trigger a deadly chain reaction with Mob/Cleaving Stance if some enemies are bloodied or near death. 


However, the best combos with Unbroken so far I had with wizard (using self buffs and Repulsive Visage to scare off enemies who then get killed by disenggement attacks - now nerfed), monk (using Soul Mirror + Blade Turning + thick armor + shield extensively).


And with the Streetfighter it was Berserker  - because he wants to be a solitary warrior anyway and the stacking crit damage modifiers of Berserker and Street Fighter, the stacking attack speed buffs and the buffs on low health (on yourself and the enemy with Blooded, Heating Up, Bloody Slaughter) add up pretty nicely. I did this with a Death Godlike to add even more bonuses when being low on health (me and enemy). Fun but risky. :)


Unbroken adds more survivability and leads to a more "rounded" char I think.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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