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[BB Release 3] Unable to start New Game - "Error Loading Map"

A6M Zero


Attempting to start a New Game from the main menu proceeds as it should at first, with selecting difficulty going fine. After completing this, the animation begins with the image moving upwards and getting to a load screen where you can see the pipe symbol going in the bottom right. After a few seconds however, it freezes and sends me back to the main menu with a message telling me that there was an "error loading map", and thus it was stopped to prevent save corruption. Attempting to create a New Game again after receiving this results in the menu disappearing, showing only the background scene without the animation ever triggering and doing nothing until closed from the tray or task manager.


This continues even after closing and restarting the program, as well as verifying game files.


Windows 7, Steam version


GTX 970 4Gb


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