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Looking for damage info on Kalakoths Minor Blights? (Level 3 Wizard spell)

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can't find any damage numbers anywhere (in game description/ wiki / general google??)


Also be interested in any other comments you may have about them pro or con -



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With Blast (the talent) + Blights you generate a lot of hits per shot. If you hit five enemies with Minor Blights each hit will trigger a Blast. If you use this with Combusting Wounds it all gets ridiculous.


Damage of Minor Blights:


18-26 base damage in an AoE of 1.25 m base radius. +20(!) accuracy bonus. Damage cycles from burn over freeze and corrode to shock and back to burn after every shot.


An average base damage of 22 is pretty damn great (for example a two handed weapon only has 17 base damage). Add Dangerous Implement, MIG and crit damage (Doemenel's Merciless Hand is the killer with Minor Blights) and you'll do a ton of AoE damage. Add all the blasts that proc and then try to wipe that smile off your face. ;)





No enchanting like lashes or Durgan Steel. That's all

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