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Get more Crafting Gems (spoiler)

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Do you ever feel like you really wanted to craft more equipment but you just did not have the gems to do it? Those Blue Diamonds and Beljuril and King's Tears really are in short supply.  And while you could use the console to give yourself more, you just don't feel right about it.  You want the game to give it to you instead. So here is what you should do. Purchase a magic pouch.  Place all of your crafting gems in the magic pouch. Give the pouch of gems to Shandra just before you have her open the way to Ammon Jerro's Haven.

When you check Ammon Jerro's gear in Act !!! you will find a surprise.


Of course, I go one step further and resurrect Shandra and restore her to my team.  Not the zombie Shandra that the Dungeon Master (rs gr_dm) will give you, but the original Shandra Jerro that disappeared at the Haven.  And the pouch of gems I gave her. Okay, this may be going a bit too far, but I REEAALLY like Shandra Jerro.


[Create a savegame called Shandra in addition to your regular savegame (F12) just before she disappears. After Act III begins and you are able to save again, save your game and create another savegame called Shandra 2. Exit the game.  Copy the shandra.ros file from the Shandra savegame folder and overwrite shandra.ros in the Shandra 2 savegame folder. Do not mess your regular savegame folder, you need it as an emergency backup. Now reload the game and load up the Shandra 2 savegame.  Use the dungeon master from the console (rs gr_dm) to add Shandra back to your team.]


***Very Important*** - save your game one more time to a Brand New savegame that you have not used before. (I have had occasions where I have tried to save to a prior savegame just to have the game crash and automatically delete that savegame folder.)  After that quicksave seems to work fine, but you have the new savegame just in case.


Helllooo Shandra!


And if I am preaching to the choir here, somebody please tell me.


Oh, one last thing ... Hello (knock, knock) ... is any body there?  I am posting but nobody is responding.  Is this phone line dead? Or is the message of insufficient interest?


I know I am about ten years out of date (again) but I really like this stuff.


Hey Moderator, what do you think?

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Yeah well I'm 2 years late replying to you. I just started playing again after about 8 years. 

I love Shandra as well, she's my favorite OC companion.  I save her to my Universal Companion Database. That way I can use her in any adventure.

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