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New Prestige Class - Artisan

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One of the aspects of NWN2 that I really enjoy is the crafting.  I have installed "The Complete Craftsman" mod and spend a fair amount of time modifying my (and my team-mates) possessions.  I would have liked to have used a special class to enhance this aspect of the game.  I was wondering if one of those hobbyist developers out their could make a file that I could stick in my override folder to create an Artisan class (assuming that it would be fairly simple for them to do). These are the parameters I thought looked about right:



4HP, 6SP, Low BAB, High Will Saves

REQ Brd, Clr, Drd, Fav, Sor, Sps, Wiz, DEX: 13+, INT: 12+, Lore 8  

L1 Exotic Weapons

L1 Scribe Scroll

L1 Artisan Spellcasting (selected spell progression continues as normal)

L2 Craft Magic Arms & Armor 

L3 Craft Wondrous Items 

L4 Craft Wand

L4 Skill Affinity: Spellcraft +2

L5 Brew Potion

L5 Skill Affinity: Craft All (Alchemy Armor Traps Weapons) +2


Class Skills - Use Magic Device, Open Lock, Set Trap, Appraise, Craft Alchemy, Craft Armor, Craft Trap, Craft Weapon, Disable Device, Lore, Spellcraft
Perform is a Cross-class skill.

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