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Ranzak's favored card type

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Ever since the latest expansion was released, I've gotten back to playing goblins. I was happy to see that Ranzak's "Bigger Ransack" ability was fixed. My question is about his favored card type. It says, "Choose Ally, Armor, Blessing, Item, Spell, Loot, or Weapon." I was expecting it to work like Lem's ability, but it never gives me the option to choose. I've never had reason to complain about my opening hand since it has always given me a weapon (which is what I would choose), but I was just wondering if Ranzak's favored card type was broken or if it was working as intended.

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In the tabletop version, Ranzak has Favored card type: None. That is, he keeps his first hand, whatever is in it. If the game lists "Choose ... ", it is a wrong text copied from Lem.

It is great that Ranzak was fixed, but high-level Merisiel still recharges (= can recharge) all blessings played to grant another exploration and such. :) I often forget and automatically choose Recharge instead of the correct Discard.

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Sounds good. If it is behaving the way it is supposed to in the tabletop version, that's good enough for me. Maybe they will get around to fixing the text eventually but that's probably a low priority. I would rather they expend their time fixing actual programming issues. Thanks.

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