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Stuck in Ship Combat Loop with 0 sail health



Currently have 0/25 sail health, 1/35 hull health, 0/120 ammunition, 10/14 crew


Opposing ship has 97/120 ammunition, 22/35 hull health, 25/25 sail health, 5/14 crew


both ships facing same direction with the opposing ship to my port side 


I'm stuck in a turn loop (currently turn 50!) where the opposing ship Holds, 

my only options are to 1. half sail, 2. hold position, 3. report to...


It doesn't matter which action i take the opponent holds, I'm presented the

same three options again, for the 2nd and third rounds of the turn. In each 

case the opposing ship holds, and nothing happens. I have no way to leave

the ship combat that I can see. Stuck in an infinite loop.



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