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Missing Rewards, Cards Disapearing, & Can’t Acess DLC


Hello all, hopefully I am posting this in the right place. I have been enjoying the game (playing on iOS) but am encountering an increasing number of bugs, glitches, and problems. Most of them I am not too concerned with: crashes, freezes, deck manipulation cards (scrying, augery, and revelation quill) randomly not working (particularly in the last set of missions in the rise of the runelords dlc). But a couple of things have happened over last couple of days that are threatening to ruin the game for me:


1) I just finished the 3 mission default adventure on legendary difficulty and did not receive the reward card Samisen. The usual mission complete rewards screen popped up for a split second before dumping me to the main menu with no input on my part. My collection shows that the card was was earned, and the missions are displaying as completed, but no loot card or any of the other I earned in the final mission showed up in my inventory. I am now reluctant to continue playing as I fear missing out on the other legendary loot rewards.


2) All the cards in my stash vanished yesterday, a couple being rare or unique. While I have managed to recoup all but two through further gameplay: the Medusa Mask and Charmed Red Dragon, this fuels concern that any progress I make can vanish.


3) I purchased the Burn Everything DLC but can’t seem to find a way to aces any of the missions. The two goblin heros are usable on other missions but the description says that their is a new campaign. Maybe I am just not looking in the right place in game, but if that is the case the content is VERY well hidden, otherwise I am now just straight up being ripped off.


Please help.

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Hello ShadowMHP, there are many and many bugs, but still I find the game fun to play.

1) Samisen and other Legendary rewards in RotR work just like that - you may encounter them during playing (and they were not added to Stash, I think; I had all of them prior to the introduction of Stash). To be precise, Loot cards are not awarded for RotR Legendary playthrough - Loot is one-only, you-will-not-encounter-it-again-if-you-throw-it-away type. Samisen, Shield, Bow, Tome and others can be encountered at any time. Loot cards (Revelation Quill, Medusa Mask) are awarded only once, on the first completion of the scenario in this party. Generally, that means Normal gameplay.

2) Contact Obsidian Support with your PFID (Settings, long hexadecimal number on the bottom) and they might be able to help you. With the exception of Loot cards, each and every one of the cards can be encountered again during gameplay so you won't lose them. Look at the Collection. Everything in there can be found (randomly).

3) When you press Start button (I play on Android), there are two big buttons with pictures - Rise of the Runelords and RIse of the Goblins. If you click on the Rise of the Goblins, you should be able to play it (I don't own it). If not, contact the Obsidian Support.

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Thanks for the response, your explanations were of help. Other than losing Medusa’s Mask it seems like I am good to go. I agree it is a great game even with bugs, it has given me my RPG fix while i’ve been away from home and my D&D group for the last couple of months. Hopefully the devs will keep working on stabilizing their product, cheers.

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