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  1. Thanks for the response, your explanations were of help. Other than losing Medusa’s Mask it seems like I am good to go. I agree it is a great game even with bugs, it has given me my RPG fix while i’ve been away from home and my D&D group for the last couple of months. Hopefully the devs will keep working on stabilizing their product, cheers.
  2. Hello all, hopefully I am posting this in the right place. I have been enjoying the game (playing on iOS) but am encountering an increasing number of bugs, glitches, and problems. Most of them I am not too concerned with: crashes, freezes, deck manipulation cards (scrying, augery, and revelation quill) randomly not working (particularly in the last set of missions in the rise of the runelords dlc). But a couple of things have happened over last couple of days that are threatening to ruin the game for me: 1) I just finished the 3 mission default adventure on legendary difficulty and did not
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