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Obsidian - My Aspect of Video games in my world


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Greetings & Salutations Obsidian Readers & Gamers alike,


To many of you, things like forums, blogs, and all things within are second nature, for me, I have to work at understanding what the heck I'm doing, where do I go, what do I look for, how do I get started, and for most people in this world, you understand it within seconds, while I struggle to find out how to start a new thread, how to sign in, thinking of new passwords, new usernames, so that I can have complete & perfect strangers comment on me and the things that I write, or those who give constructive/non-constructive criticism on whatever they feel like, whether it makes sense or not.  


I am of a world that no longer exists, even for the people similar to me in age, in disposition, in temperance, in things liked/disliked, I consider myself an outsider, because I in all purposes don't really care what anyone thinks about this, or that, or if I write something, I don't care if people like it or not, I'm still going to say it, with politeness, & respect intertwined within, of course, and/or until respect is no longer earned.


1982 was the year I became a gamer: we didn't have computers like they have today, we didn't have cell phones, we didn't have the internet, we didn't have the resources they have today, and we didn't have the countless hundreds of Video game manufactures as they do today.  I didn't become a gamer because I liked video games, I became a gamer to distract my mind, to keep my mind envisioned on what new worlds, new adventures I could experience, so that I didn't remember, like I always seemed to remember, the most tragic year of my life, not only for me, but for my whole family.  That is what started the video game craze for me, making a pact with video games, to help me forget one memory that has haunted me for  over 35 years.


Obsidian is from my experience a pretty good company, I judge this opinion on the few of their video games that I've played, and the Best so far, is Fallout: New Vegas. If you read my profile, you will see that I am not new to the video game world, I focus mostly on RPG's , Action & Adventure, some racing, some shooting, some fighting like Dynasty Warriors, but rpg's are my favorite.  I have played all kinds from (KOTOR), to  D&D, Final Fantasy I - Final Fantasy 15, almost any & all that have been made, I have seen to it that I am there to play it, within reason. I am currently playing Destiny 2, Skyforge, E.L.E.X, Horizon Zero Dawn, World of Final Fantasy, Wastelander 2: Directors Cut, Torment: Tides of Numanera (*********),  Pillars of Destiny: Complete Edition, Divinity: Original Sin(EE), Sword Coast Legends, Prey,  (Remake- Secret of Mana), Persona 5, Dragon Quest (Builders),  Fallout 5, Fortnite, Hack G.U., The Surge, to name a few.


I've always been better at the whole non-online games, when companies (no-names), cared more about making the games "fun" for the people who bought their games, and didn't do the whole "pay" to "play", like so many companies (no-names), have done in the last 20 years or so, or companies (no-names), that launch a game & the very first day it comes out, it comes out broken, so the "techs" have something to do.  


I've seen just about every form of game mechanic, graphics, storyline, combat engine, on just about every rpg that has come out since 1982, if I haven't played it, collected it, I've read about it, my advice in all that, is keep the "lawyers" out.  People will or won't like your game, there is enough of us to go around for an even prospect, you don't have to play down to us, respect us, like we respect you; the games aren't always going to go our way, with some thing, whether its game play, storyline, graphics, and we're going to have something to say about it, it may be good for the game manufacturers, it may not be good for them, but they should at least give us the opportunity to tell them.  Those companies (no-names) that have very bad  "customer service" are very frustrating to gamers, because we can't "vent' when something in the game goes wrong, and its obviously not our fault, like we get blamed so many times for.  


Now with online games, you have passwords, Internet Service Providers (ISP),  and any number of technical things that can & and do go wrong, all which are not "our" fault as gamers, but we get treated by so many companies, spoken too in their "error" messages, like we are idiots, and we don't know what we're doing, and I'm telling you, after 20 or more years of that, it will drive you insane, more or less. It seems like the "pact" I made with the games aren't working anymore because, the games are more trouble than their worth & I'd be better off reading a book; only problem is that I'm "addicted" to them, and some video game companies (no-names), use that addiction against us.


I've vented enough, I'm here to talk about my views on Pillars of Destiny: very similar to Torment: Tides of Numanera (which I love), similar in style to  old  school D & D, which I'm very familiar with, yes, combat in this game pisses me off, just about all the time, I take the disc out, (hopefully), not flinging it too far out of my sight, that when I calm down, I can try something different, and then reload again, because, they started battle near a pillar, and during the combat, they didn't go around the pillar, like I motioned them to and they got creamed (6 people vs 2), or they started combat through a door entrance and with the lack of useful formations came out in bad way, and the healer couldn't get to the warriors, and they went down quickly.  The graphics are fine, the storyline is fine, except, the background of the beginning individual, doesn't seem to have any interaction within how the storyline unfolds (too bad),  I read somewhere that there is an "AI", although I am unable to find it (whatever), I love the fact that just about everything can be examined, I love reading all the imaginary stories, descriptions of all the armor, special weapons, powers.  The execution of combat techniques, powers, abilities is delayed, or it has been for me, thus ending up with my characters dying.  I've just acquired the keep, I just got the restoration room built, I hope the "bug" / "glitch" that I've read about has been fixed.  Outside of a few minor disagreements with combat, I find this a fascinating game to play, and will enjoy playing it, when my temper calms down, sometimes that takes a few days.


Have a nice day.


God Bless!!



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Yeah, the AI and pathfinding is a little too old-school for my liking. I can't count the number of times I've had characters get locked into and engagement because they took an idiotic route to get to their destination. But I guess that's life when you have an RTwP system.


Anyway, welcome to the forums!

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Don't know why you want to paint yourself in a corner from the getgo


The A.I. function is turned off/on when you select your entire party. PoE gives you a good deal of control over the members, but I find that in some cases it's best to be really specific on where you want somebody to go. 


I find the controls of PoE to be better than Icewind Dale, for instance. I like both games. In any case, if that is trouble for you, maybe Pillars is not a game for you?


Take it easy, man. 

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