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I'm a long time gamer but new to POE.


I'm following some of NerdCommando's guides. I planned to build Eder based on his Lady of Pain build. Weird thing is Disciplined Barrage is not one of his possible selections.


I can't find anything related to this online.


I may buy POE2 based on my experience with the first, but I just would like to know why it's not a selectable ability.

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It’s there I use it every play through and give it to him at level 3. Currently in a play trough he’s got Disciplined Barrage.

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Have gun will travel.

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A reason might be that Desciplined Barrage supresses Blessing and Zealous Focus (but stacks with Devotions and Inspiring Radiance and -Exhortation). And on any difficulty below PotD that much accuracy can be overkill.


However I personally would always take it as a fighter. There are no other instant +20 ACC buffs in the game that guarantee a successful CC action right at the start of the encounter. Or if you got terrified/blinded etc. and your priest or paladin or chanter is down.


I find it much more useful than Vigorous Defense for example. But I never play passive fighter tanks who can't do anything but taking hits, so...

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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