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     I'm hoping someone may be able to help me with this.  So I am looking to finish the first game before the second comes out and would also like it to have a sort of pirate archetype in which the character uses a pistol for long range and a single sabre for close range.  I'm assuming that a rogue would be the best fit but I am open to opinions.  Obviously I would need one handed for this, but can anyone please recommend the additional talents and abilities to complete the template or possibly point me to a guide that would fit the character?  



I really do appreciate any help.

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Rogue seems fine, fighter also works.


You can either drop PER a bit because you have lots of ACC anyways or you build everything towards crits and pump PER.


I'll assume rogue:



- Veteran's Recovery

- Weapon Focus Ruffian

- Single Weapon Style

- Vicious Fighting

- Runner's Wounding Shot

- Fast Runner

- Bloody Slaughter

- Marksman


- Merciless Hand

- Dungeon Delver



- Blinding Strike

- Dirty Fighting

- Reckless Assault

- Deep Wounds

- Crippling Strike

- Deathblows

- Sap

- Withering Strike


As weapon I would pick Resolution, later Purgatory for sabre and Dulcanale as pistol. Bittercut is also great, but then you should take Spirit of Decay instead of another talent.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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