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Hey forum friends and deadfire enthusiasts! I'm working to get one last run completed prior to Deadfire on April 3rd, and my hopes are to port this character over.  My deadfire team will look like PC Tank Wizard/Paladin, Eder Rogue, Tekehu Chanter, Xoti Priest, and the fifth spot will be open for Aloth, Maia, Serafen, etc.


I've started this POTD run (my first, completed on Hard before) and have just entered Defiance Bay.  The party looks like this:


Kana - tank, later Dragon Thrashed

MC Wizard, tanky, spamming slicken and curse of blackened sight

Eder, 2-hand Lady of Pain

Hireling Monk, Juggernaut to be replaced with Zahua

Durance, Tanky Buff spammer 


My question - how would you build the Wizard? Is Wzard Tank still viable? My squad is low on AoE so my plan was for this guy to absorb hits while spamming CC's like Call to Slumber, etc., giving time for Eder and Zahua (and Dragon Thrashed) to thin out the herds of mobs.


Open to feedback on the squad as well - though in the spirit of Deadfire I plan to keep the party limit at 5.


Thank you! 



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Yes, very viable. :)




Also see the "Bilestomper" build in this subform (it's in the build list).


You can also build a Coastal Aumaua Wizard with good DEX and PER, Weapon & Shield Style, Snake's Reflexes, Boots of Stability, Blaidh Golan + Solace medium shield (later Little Savior), attract enemies and then cast Slicken (and basically all CC stuff that targets reflex) on yourself. IF you get hit at all then you will be up after a few blinks while everyone around you is lying flat. Buys a ton of time and is fun.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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