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beta version 3: soulbound weapon does not update





I have found the soulbound dagger and bound it to my main char.

My main char is a bleak walker/devoted who is devoted to scepters.


I equipped a scepter in one hand and the dagger in the other and cast eternal devotion.

This did not count towards the 5 fire damage, but this may be correct because I did fire damage with the scepter, not with the dagger.


Then I equipped the dagger without any weapon in the other hand in weapon slot 2.

I cast eternal devotion with the dagger equipped and caused more than 5 points of fire damage.

The game still tells me that I did zero burn damage with the dagger.


- If the animat is immun to fire ( I do not think so ), the combat log is false and the dagger is correct. In any other case the dagger is buggy.


- I think it is a bug that having a melee weapon in one hand and a ranged weapon in the other hand gives the dual wielding speed bonus when attacking only with the ranged weapon.


question to the devs:

Is it intended that you deal fire damage with the dagger for the upgrade or should any fire damage count?

The dagger cannot cause fire damage by itself so you have to use abilities.

In PoE1 in the second last patch we could buy a soulbound belt and one of the conditions for upgrading it was to deal 500 fire damage. The belt cannot cause fire damage by itself. My paladin used a burning lash, flames of devotion and sacred immolation and all of this counted towards the damage for the belt.

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