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hi, I wanted to ask the players who finished the game, what are the best allies, resources, weapons, icantes etc etc .. to consider going forward in the scenarios?

if you can make a ranking of the best five on each.

thank you.

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Best ally: Poog of Zarongel

Best weapon: Mogmurians Club

Best spell: Major healing

Best item: staff of minor healing

Best armor: Steel Ibis lamellar


Good runners ups

Ally: Shaman, Father Zantus

Weapon: Karzoug`s burning flail, Chellan Sword of green, all slaying weapons

Spells: whirlwind, haste, sign of wrath, sunburst, invoke, Scrying

Items: revelation quill, macig spyclass

Armors: adamantine plate armour, festive wool hide.

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Then it depends on what characters you have. Also you newer see same cards From game to game game.

But few tips

Try to get some fire weapons, spells and items and allies.

Try to get healin cards

Try to get blessings that give bonus to more than two things

Try to get scouting cards

Try to get cards that reduce Many kind of damage

Try to get cards that boost your combat skills

Try to get cards that help your weak skills or skills that you luck (jevels, bearls, stones mainly)

Try to get cards that help you with the traps.

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I approach the game a little differently from many.  These include many choices from deck 6, so may not be helpful to you.
1.  It is better to block damage than to heal damage.   Hence....
Best item is the ring of superior protection
Best armor is the spell ward shield
With this combo, a character can stop up to 5 points of any blockable damage.  There is very little unblockable damage in the game.  There are other lower level shields and items that also block (less) damage.
2.  These spells work well in all situations.  With a couple divine spellcasters, you should have a couple of each spell among your party.
Greater Aid - 2d6 works on any check
Major Cure - less required when you have plenty of blocking
Sunburst/Whirlwind - feels good for Lini
Invoke - lengthen your game
3. Weapons are somewhat situational
Slaying weapons - great at high levels to assure eliminating a henchman
Mokmurian's Club - better at low levels, if you have not been blocking damage
Force Sling +3 - If you are pulling a high level toon down to lower levels to farm (Lem doing solo allies quest), this guaranties the most damage
4.  Allies, have a mix of Eagle, moutaineer, blue dragon... no single choice but a mix of different ones
5.  Fire producing attacks. 
The afforementioned Poog is the top low-level choice
Higher level fire producing items and weapons find their place here.
6. Deal with traps
master tool kit - great at low levels
Blessing of Abadar
7. Blessings that fit you characters powers.   Very few of the character blessing powers are not worth getting.   So plan ahead and save the matching blessings.
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