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Assassinate Not Working With Smoke Veil (Ranged Weapons)


Assassinate won't work with Smoke Veil when using ranged weapons. 


I was trying to use assassinate twice by hitting from stealth, then hitting from invisibility using Smoke Veil.


I tried using melee weapons and it works fine. Using ranged weapons only works from stealth.


I can't figure out why this is.




1. Engage enemy with tank character

2. Shoot enemy from stealth (assassinate bonuses applied)

3. Use Smoke Veil

4. Shoot enemy from invisibility (no assassinate bonuses applied)

Completed with a Wild Orlan Wizard



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This also applies to spells. Spells cast from stealth get the Assassinate bonus, and the tooltip for each spell's penetration value indicates that Assassinate should apply when invisible from Smoke Veil, but the bonus doesn't apply to spells cast from invisibility (at least, using smoke veil). From the animation it looks like the character emerges from invisibility a moment before casting the spell.

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