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Bugs in v0.0.0.0021 Backer Beta Release 2.0886 BB



I didn't see my last topic posted, so will try again. My apologies if this appears twice in the forum. I also added a few since my last post.


The following are bugs I see in the latest Beta release:


1. Game still does not shut down properly. It locks up instead.


2. Scrolling from side to side or up and down on the map is erratic (same as last update).


3.Cloak of detection still glows too brightly. Same with moon god-like heroine's hair.



4. The ghost images in the cut scene are very hard to see in the desert background



5. The words "No Pen" appear repeatedly in battle sequences



6. The type font in the character creation screen is very small and blurry



7. The information for time of day is covered by other information boxes



8. The lettering for the map place descriptors is unreadable



9. In the Temple of Tangaloa Ruins, Giordu Red-Handed supposedly places a cloak reverently in your hands, but there is no cloak that shows up in your inventory.


That's it for now. Thank you for the opportunity to test the beta and share our findings on this forum. The game is looking good.


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@graxstar, hope you don't mind me adding to this list rather than starting a new list (trying to minimize places for devs to look).  This is for same version in title.


  1. Hair Horizontal Scrollbar buttons scrolls in wrong direction (probably already reported)
  2. Save/Load screen shows scrollbar when all saves show on screen.  If you scroll to end of screen then it will jump around and scrollbar disappears.
  3. Tooltips for weapons in Inventory will sometimes show above the weapon and be placed in way that text gets cut off
  4. "Copy" widget continues to show up in offhand when switching between characters that had offhand weapon to one that does not
  5. You can duel wield the exact same single-handed weapon by using "Copy" widget to copy to a second item set.  You can then copy that copy back to the secondary slot in the original item set leaving you dual wielding the same weapon.
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