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Concerning Hylea`s ending and Wichts

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My apologies if this was answered elsewhere, but after finishing my second walkthrough of PoE this question was stuck in my mind. In Hylea`s ending, when all the souls are returned to the Hollowborn children, what happened to the Wichts? Concerning the fact that they are children with transplanted animal souls, could it be that their souls were returned to their bodies? Because if it is true, it is really unsettling for me. The game counts them as monsters (as far as they attack almost everything that moves), and my Watcher slayed a lot of wichts. So, I hope it doesnt mean that she killed monsters, which were meant to become children again in Hylea`s ending.


P.S. Sorry for mistakes, English is not my native language.



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It doesn't work that way. The thing about the hollowborn is that they don't have souls in them, while a wicht does have a soul in it (an animal's).


I imagine that if a child's soul tries to return to its body (and discovers that its body has been transformed into a wicht) then it will instead go to wherever souls go while waiting for some random couple to birth them a new body.

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I assumed that the souls of those whose bodies were lost, simply re-entered the wheel, seems like the simplest solution (and i assume if they had gone back into the Wichts, i think it would've been mentioned, cause it seems like it'd be kinda important and noteworthy)


But who knows, maybe we'll get the definitive answer in PoE2.

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