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Lashes damage vs enemy DR - how it's calculated?

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Hi there!

I have a question about lashes enchantment. Specifically about their reduction through enemies DR.

As i remember, lash damage counting from actual damage done (before DR) and reducing by 1/4 appropriate DR type of enemy.

Ok. But number in combat log were so odd and i start counting, and... numbers not match at all.

For example, accourding to combat log, crit Forest Lurker with mace + Corrode Lash (Crush DR = 10, Corrode DR = 4) for 39.5 Crush dmg - 10DR = 29.5 Crush + 9.3 Corrode dmg.


How this number appear? I sitting with a calculator, counting all possible options, but my calculations are not match with ingame numbers!

Same thing for Druid's Wildstrike - I just don't understand how this calculated in game.


I appreciate for any tips and answers. Thank you all in advance.

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We already had a thread for this.

Start reading with post 13 from MaxQuest. He explaines the basics and then come some more questions and answers afterwards.


EDIT: I was searching for this thread and every time I click on the link the words "lash", "dot", "and" are marked and it shows my post number 20.

Anyway, thats the tread with the answers and you should start reading with post 13 from MaxQuest.

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