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Audio: optical to analog


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Quick question: the 4k tv I bought has no analog audio out jack, so I can't plug in the set of PC speakers I was using (single analog plug, not two L-R plugs). TV only has an optical/digital jack (squarish shape, Toslink?). TV's sound is actually not the worst but still want to use the speakers since they have more bass ability. PS4-Pro also has no analog out only optical/digital.


I assume what I need/want is something like this then?




...or is that the wrong thing. Most seem to be for the L-R stereo system setup vs. a single audio plug.


Or do I just need to give in and buy optical/digital speakers...if I can find some, seems like pc style didn't make many of those and I don't want another soundbar in this room, too much space and don't need a remote.

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That should be fine. You can probably get a model which has a 1/8" analogue output but it's just as easy to find an RCA to 1/8" stereo cable. (3.5mm or 1/8" is the same thing)


This one comes with a Toslink cable to save a few bucks. Then get a simple RCA to 1/8" cable or adapter.



EDIT: "Digital" speakers aren't a thing, there may be powered speakers that accept a digital signal but it just means they have a DAC (digital-analogue converter, which range in price from these $10 ones to thousands) and amp built in. I'd be a bit dubious about something like that and would instead go with a separate box that contains both a DAC and amp (like the Topping VX2 or SMSL Q5 Pro) and buy a good pair of bookshelf speakers.

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