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Arquebus Accuracy and Zealous Focus Suppression



I don't understand why i have -5 accuracy from my arquebus and a suppressed zealous aura.
I have a Level 6 Nature Godlike Seer called Sagrani (Ranger/Soul Blade Cipher) that is using an arquebus. The arquebus hit a Lagufaeth for 53 damage.
The breakdown is as follows:
20 Seer
+8 Perception
+15 Level
-5 Arquebus
+5 Marksman
+4 Fine Arquebus
+20 Aimed Shot
+5 Zealous Focus (Kanna) Suppressed
27.4 Roll
+24% Might
+40% Biting Whip
+15% Fine Arquebus
The only things that are active on Sagrani are: Aimed Shot, Zealous Focus and Blessed Was Wengridh, Quickest of His Tribe.
Zealous Focus and Blessed Was Wengridh are effects coming from my Herald (Shieldbearer Paladin/Beckoner Chanter) character called Kanna.
Am i missing something or are these bugs?



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Completed with a Wild Orlan Wizard



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