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Premium Content in Rise of Runelords Bundle

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With the notification that the Rise of the Runelords bundle will be going on sale December 19th, I wanted to see if anyone knows what cards are only available by purchasing the bundle. I grinded for all of the adventure paths while that option was still available, but I'm not opposed to paying for the bundle if there are cool new cards I can get. I just want to know ahead of time what I'm paying for.

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Honestly, there's no telling how the bundle will look next week.  As it stands, all that the RoTR bundle will get you is a half-dozen or so promo cards and six sets of red dice.


Presently, a $15 purchase on Steam includes the same RoTR bundle for $10 less, plus a copy of all the Uncommon and Rare treasure cards.  The mobile bundle and the PC bundles have been out-of-sync for a little bit, and for a while now, Steam has been offering more for less, all of which can be synced with mobile if you link accounts.


The $25 purchase on Steam (the same cost of the mobile bundle) includes a boatload of additional content.  It provides all the alternates, the goblins campaign, one of every treasure card, and a handful of extra cards and perks.


If you're interested in purchasing content (or a few promo cards), it would probably be best to see what changes occur next week.  There may be more than just the price reduction in play if the mobile and steam marketplaces are aiming for parity.

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