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[BUG] Long Pain + Driving Flight + Swift Flurry = friendly fire





I just tried the above combo with a Shattered Pillar/Sharpshooter (adding Long Pain and Driving Flight via console).


I couldn't determine which of the three abilities causes this (I guess it's not Swift Flurry), but if you combine them like I did your Long Pain Fists will work with Driving Flight and trigger a lot of crit-flurries.


First of all the "jump" of Driving Flight exceeds the max range of Long Pain (5m). This means the jump has a longer range, which is odd (also happens with scepters by the way). It seems the jump has its own range while it should inherit the range of the use weapon.


Secondly the jump from Long Pain + Driving Flight will also hit friendly targets, including The Village People (...) and your own character. I managed to kill myself multiple attacking some CRE_Dummies.


I didn't have this behavior with other weapons + Driving Flight (including summoning combos like Minor Blights + Driving Flight), only with The Long Pain so far.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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