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Menu Bars ?



Not sure if this was reported if it was I sorry in advance for not doing a deep search.


In the game both Menu bars keep flashing on and off. when I mean menu Bars I mean


1) The pause ,fast forward , and slow down Menu Bar

2) The Battle Menu Bar where you can select spells and attacks

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With a Phaser or a Lightsaber it doesnt matter to me

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Greeting Argonauts,


No worries, I have mentioned it before but if you ever worry youre reposting an issue please don't worry :) My job is to get it all parsed and in our systems, so if its already in I'll just reply with that.


With that being said, this one is in already and we're working on the UI flashing. Thanks for posting!


You the best,



I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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