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Bugs I have encountered



1) Obvious issues with text formatting. Journal updates often have words stacked on top of each other and are illegible or with very large gaps between words. Even simply missing words sometimes.


2) After leveling a paladin/wizard and choosing Zealous Aura, the character has two copies of each aura both in the character sheet and ability tray.


3) Paladin's Oath of Devotion and Deep Devotion are double applying, so a +19 bonus to defenses AND a +10 bonus.


4) When hovering over weapon damage, the tooltip appears as "=0" on every character I have made.


5) As a fighter (unbroken)/rogue (street fighter), the unbroken does not receive a penalty to reflex.


6) The game warns of save corruption and won't load on many saves outside of Tikawara. Most often in Sunepu beach and Toaku Biwha Trail.


7) When the game is in fast mode and you enter combat, it remains in fast mode even if you have toggled off fast mode in combat previously. This is very jarring and results in way too many things happening at the start of combat. In PoE1 fast mode didn't activate in combat at all.


8. Not sure if intended but wildshape weapons (claws, etc.) are not receiving the monk's bonus from Transcendent Suffering. Are they not unarmed weapons? I would truly love to be able to use these classes together!


--I tried to upload saves but it said I was not permitted to upload that kind of file.



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Hey ArcZero,


Awesome list! All of these are in our system current and are either currently being worked on or sent to the devs to investigate in the future. Keep up the great work!


You the best,






I do need to update the User Reported bugs from this list though! 

I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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