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So far my party composition is monk(mc), Paladin, Chanter, druid, and priest. This is a potd run. I really want a backline single target dps. I used rogue, cipher, wizard and Ranger my last run. So I definitely don't want to use Ranger or cipher again but wizard is boring and the rogue is tedious just a little insight please on what I should do

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Could go for a Sharpshooter Rogue, Island Aumaua with the extra weapon talent, then either Quick Switch or the belt that reduces switching time (the wiki has just stopped working temporarily so sorry for the vagueness) and four arquebuses. Then Deathblows, a couple of Strikes, Shadowing Beyond and Backstab and use them to pick off the heavy hitters in a mob. A little high maintenance but it's always nice to see big juicy crits.

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Another monk with The Long Pain would be the best single target dps.


But either you run around a bit to catch some attacks in order to get 2 wounds or you attack your own monk right at the start of encounter to get 2 wounds. Also the summoning takes some time. 


If you follow the tipps from the Witch Doctor build there's nothing more powerful in terms of single target dps than The Long Pain. But it's a bit of micromanagement.


Other than that... you ruled out ranger, rogue, cipher and wizard. There's no class left that's great at ranged single target dps. Ranged fighter: meh. Ranged Barb: supermeh. Ranged Druid: supergood BUT not before you get Rot Skull. Before that it's meh. Priest: meh (priest of Wael has decent ACC with a rod - like Golden Gaze - but casting spells is still better with a priest than auto-attacking). Ranged Paladin: ok, but only with spike damage (gun + FoD). Also his great defenses are wasted in the backline.


Another setup which is really good but requires a lot of micro is wizard with 4 blunderbusses (basically what Jojobobo said but as wizard) + Combusting Wounds. This really pulverizes single enemies. But even more micro than just switching. You'd have to cast one or two spells first and then start the fire-switch-fire cycle.


Rogue with Persistence, maxed MIG and DEX and 1 INT is nice. ;) The dps is really high because of wounding's damage getting applied very quickly. Dump INT and RES to 3 and then put on the Ultimate Hat of Alluring Perfection. This rogue could also use Prestidigitator's Missiles (doesn't care about INT) aswell als missile scrolls and the CLoak of Magic Missiles. Those all work with Deathblows (not Sneak Attack though).

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One of the few people I wanted to hear from. Thanks Jojo.. I also appreciate all your builds. I've been looking and haven't had any luck but is there a build out there for this?

I posted this up somewhere before, not as a class build but it is fully fleshed out. It is also super fragile being maximised entirely for damage, so you could probably balance it out a bit. One things for certain though - it should hit like a truck! Details below...




Island Aumaua Living Lands




Might 21

Con 3

Dex 17

Per 18

Int 16

Res 3


Attributes final:


Might 31 (Maegfolc Skull, resting bonus, Gift from the Machine, Effigy's Resentment, Galawain's Boon)

Con 3

Dex 20 (Ring of Thorns)

Per 21 (Song of the Heavens, armor enchant)

Int 20 (Gwyn's Band of Union)

Res 3


Attributes can be further Priest, prostitute and food buffed - naturally.




1 Blinding Strike

3 Dirty Fighting

5 FInishing Blow

7 Adept Evaison/Escape

9 Fearsome Strike

11 Deathblows

13 Sap

15 Choice




2 Weapon Focus Soldier

4 Shadowing Beyond

6 Arms Bearer

8 Vicious Fighting

10 Bloody Slaughter

12 Backstab

14 Devastating Blow

16 Spirit of Decay


Weapons - x 4 Arquebus, with Pliambo per Casitàs as your opener to disorientate them. All corrosive lashed, as many durganised as you can spare, +accuracy and damage enchantments as high as you can spare.

Rings - Gwyn's Band of Union, Ring of Thorns

Helm - Maegfolc Skull

Armor - Clothing with +2 Per enchant

Feet - Boots of Speed

Belt - Coil of Resourcefulness

Neck - Cloak of the Frozen Hunt

Gloves - Rabbit Fur Gloves


Additional talents: Gift from the Machine, Song of the Heavens, the Merciless Hand, Dungeon Delver, Effigy's Resentment: Eder/Maneha, Galawain's Boon


Skills: High survival, high stealth


Equipment choices: Fairly straight forward, max attribute gear with extra stuff thrown in for damage, Coil of Resourcefulness for the quick weapon switch and Boots of Speed for some manoeuvrability when needed.


Playstyle: This build is derived from a very complex and abstract fact... 6 > 4. Most arquebus toting Island Aumaua with Arms Bearer only get 4 sure alpha strikes, with Shadowing Beyond you comfortably get 6 (literally pop Beyond to reload an arquebus, then get close for a Backstab shot, and repeat).


What you'll want to be doing every encounter you want the 6 shots is first open with Fearsome Strike or Sap from stealth. Fearsome Strike inflicts two statuses and so grants you Deathblows immediately, Sap can be followed up with Blinding Strike (with the blind part often critting due to the stun reflex debuff) for a major deflection hit (-50). The start firing off Finishing Blows, then once you've had your four shots pop Shadowing Beyond, reload, get into Backstab range and take another shot (preferably another Finishing Blow if you went the Sap/Blinding Strike route) - then repeat. If an enemy has a status immunity, as you can inflict 4 total hopefully you should manage to get two to land.


This build is more or less built to do the maximum damage in the game (short of taking a Death Godlike, but they don't get the fourth arquebus shot) so if your chosen target is left standing at this point I'd be surprised - in that way it's an ideal assassin.



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