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Feedback Beta:Weapon Styles, Arcana Talents and Divine gifts


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I understood what Obsidian wanted to do with this new progression system, to make character creation easier, more intuitive and avoiding having players to struggle with choices and see theirselves forced to do a certain optimal path in order to get the "best experience"

In my opinion I felt they overdone it and you were left in a scenario of a constrained choices, the feature felt like more of a pegleg for play styles instead of a different approach due to how diluted is the class skills with general skills, so you feel like you are being forced to multiclass in order to get a functional character.


So I thought about it and reflected on the question "what gives an character his personality especially in a game like PoE?"

The way he will face the proposed challengeds by the game designer. People will want several solutions not just through character interaction but by combat too. 

The weapon having their personal modals is a good headstart, but they should have personal skills if that character decided to be good at it and same for spells, the choice of focusing some kind of school of spell or type of divine magic would give players options to build their own playstyle and would explore more the multiclass feature.


p.s: My appologies for my english its not my first language.



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