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[3.07]Music volume is constantly changing


HI there,


lately i get the bug that the music volume is changing from map to map.

Combat music is sometimes barely hearable and sometimes really loud.

Same with some background soundtracks...


What could cause this ?!


EDIT: It feels like some tracks are recorded at a different volume. In Stalwart for example the music is extremely quiet everytime. Some combat tracks too. And then there are music tracks which are pretty loud. Defiance Bay for example.

Can anybody else confirm this? When I listen to the tracks with VLC Player seperately they seem to have the same volume.

Pretty strange and annoying...


I think I didn't had the issue in 3.04...

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You can reproduce the volume change in music with my save file.

In Oldsong when you want to enter Noonfrost there starts a short cutscene with old souls.

When this scene is finished the Oldsong track restarts again but this time much louder then before.

There are mutiple areas ingame where this can happen.




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