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inconsistent combat log





- The text in the combat log says I do 16 lightning damage.

- The text when I put my mouse over this line says: 16 lightning + 2.5 fire + 2.5 corrode

  I have used the bug that I can select two different wildstrikes at lv4 ( I am a fury / shattered pillar )

- When I press shift while putting my mouse over the text, it says 12.3 damage.


Wildstrike deals +20% damage as elemental damage.

2.5 = 20% of 12.5, which is close to 12.3 in the extended description.


Where comes the difference between 12.3 and 16 lightning damage from?


I am a nature godlike under the influence of swift strikes, so I have +2 power level, but this is mentioned nowhere.

Not in the description of my equipped weapon and not in the (extended) combat log.

I can see it as active effect in my character screen, but I cannot see if and what numbers are influenced when I use my natural weapon.

It is shown for transcendent suffering however ( which is suppressed because I do not use my fists)

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My rogue attacks an enemy.

The combat log shows sneak attack twice. One is used and one is suppressed. Sneak attack is only shown once under active effects in character screen.


What is that supposed to mean?

I am dual wielding a fine sword in each hand. Crippling strike is a full attack.

The second attack comes a bit later, shows the same behaviour an causes the status effect.

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Nobody moved when I attack those enemies, so how can my wolf companion be out of range?

Maybe its because the rogue kills the enemy with backstab before the wolf attacks, but then the log would have the wrong order.


Regarding my first post: The damage in the normal log is often higher than in the extended screen. But they are often the same too.

I have no idea why those numbers are sometimes different and sometimes the same.

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I got it.

The damage in the combat log and the extended combat log is different because the penetration factor is not shown in the extended log.

That mean the factor 0.3 if your penetration is smaller than the target AR and 1.3 if your penetration is twice the target AR.

At least in many cases that is the problem. Sometimes the numbers are still wrong even if you consider this.


expected behaviour:

The penetration factor should be shown in the extended combat log ( pressing shift ) too, so the damage in the "damage" box is the same as the damage that you actually do on the target.

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