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char moves while talking



My main char is a corpse eater/skald.

During the final battle inside of the adra pillar I ordered her to eat a fallen enemy.

While she was eating the last enemy died and the dialogue text showed up.


While the dialogue window was there my char was kneeing on the ground, moving her head up and down.

It looked like some kind of prayer.

When dialogue was over she finished eating and everything returned to normal.


expected behaviour:

Chars should not move while the dialogue window is shown.

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Similarly, characters don’t turn to facevyou when you address them and just keep doing their thing during dialog, which looks odd.


It’s fine if the rest of the world doesn’t freeze in place when you talk—in fact that’s a good feature. However the person who talks to you should generally, well, talk to you—not show you their back and do something else.

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