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strange combat log + too early end of combat





- I cast "expose vulnerabilities" on the adra animats. One gets crit for for 35,4sec and one gets grazes for 14,2sec. (so far, so good)

When you put your mouse over it, for both (crit and graze) the tooltip shows 28,4sec, the base time.


expected behaviour: The tooltip should show the effect that is applied, not the base value.


one the pro side: I have the evedence that grazes cause 50% duration and crits have 125% duration.




- My chanter stops chanting when both animats are dead. (I assume the game considers it as end of combat)

But the sigil of nightmares is still alive. Since it fires a harmful effect on me, I consider it an enemy.


I think that combat should end when all enemies are dead.

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