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Quicksave/load Issues



I haven't seen these reported elsewhere so just in case I've noticed a few issues with the Quicksave/load system.


1. When entering a new zone the F8/Quickload feature does not work and an error message saying a Quicksave could not be found displays. The file still exists in the normal Save/Load menus, but not via F8. Quickload does work though if you return to the zone where the Quicksave was created or if you Quicksave again and don't move into a new zone.


2. Quickloading during battles can often sometimes resulted in the normal loading transition to be skipped, with a fraction of a second screen black out, and my party going missing, along with the party portraits, with then the game and enemies still running normally. The rest of the UI remains and opening up the menus shows everything blank, no portraits, no items, no stats, etc.


https://i.imgur.com/1u8dXqV.jpg - Screen with missing Party Members and Party Portraits and rest of game running

https://i.imgur.com/q20dj0H.jpg - Screen of Inventory Screen with blank info


3. Other times Quickloading in battle causes the system to hang on an all black screen for 5-10 seconds, with then the main menu appearing for half second and then the normal pipe loading screen to come up with central UI and Log appearing over it for a second and then disappears. When the game does load all that you see is black screen with the center UI and Log showing, no party portraits once again. Music, location and enemy sounds can be heard, but any kind of input does nothing. Quickload again does not function, requiring you to open the main menu and choose from the Load list. Opening up the Character, Journal and Inventory is the same as #2.


https://i.imgur.com/pVeXU1J.png - Screen of what shows up after loading

https://i.imgur.com/oWXW715.png - Screen of Map missing


4. I've only seen this once, and didn't screenshot unfortunately, and haven't been able to reproduce it, but in reproducing #2 & #3 with fair regularity the Quickload behaved similarly to #3, but did load everything and one back as it should, save for my main character's in game model lacked any of the armor and items on her. Everything showed up in the item menu and her model there, but in the actual game nothing showed up and when initiating combat her attacks did nothing and she just swung around at enemies in her undies.


These issues only popup when attempting to use F8/Quickload and do not occur when loading any kind of save from the normal load screen menu or from the Continue button on the title screen.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/hccxpjmt4tam1i5/QuickLoad%20Issues.zip?dl=0 - Copy of Save I used to reproduce this and copy of Output Log. 

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