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Rongi Intellect dialogue option



When speaking to Rongi as part of the Plucked Fruit Task, after finding the evidence by the storage shed one of the dialogue options requires an Intellect of 14. I did a playthough of the beta with a Psyblade with an Intellect of 15 and instead of displaying a usable option that it read [Requirements Not Met]. 


Having read the threads regarding the Deadfire Archipelago and Island Aumaua checks actually needing to the player to be an Island Aumaua from the Deadfire Archipelago I decided to go back and retest with different characters. 


In the first instance I created an Island Aumaua Cipher from the Deadfire Archipelago with an Intellect of 18 and yet the dialogue option continues to display [intellect 14] [Requirements Not Met]. Restarting the game I created an Island Aumaua Fighter from the Deadfire Archipelago leaving Intellect as 10. When I get to this conversation option now it instead tells me [intimidate 8 *] [Requirements Not Met]. If I redo the skill assignment of the party to meet the Intimidate requirements with the Cipher I am now able to select this dialogue option.


While I like the idea of having certain dialogue options gated behind multiple requirements, it would be useful for the player if 

  1. All requirements were displayed rather than just one or
  2. Only those requirements that are not met are displayed so if you have an Intellect of 14+ the option would inform you that you also require a party skill of 8+.



Conversation options:





Character screens:



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Hola swamp_slug!


Some good finds! We do have these issues currently being worked on since it feels a little like a 'You Shall Not Pass!' moment is currently making this a hurdle :(.


Ill be sure to add comments on these bugs with the info you provided.


You the best,



I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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