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Missing and disappearing icons on priest's ability tree



During character creation when I choose Berath, Eothas, Magran or Wael priest and open ability tree, subclass specific spells are displayed on the left side of the tree. But if I choose Skaen priest and then open his ability tree, there are only priest's spells displayed (Skaen priest has apprentice sneak attack instead of spells but it still should display this as subclass passive ability on the tree). Then, when I once again choose Berath, Eothas, Magran or Wael priest and again open theirs ability trees all subclass specific spells won't be displayed.


Some screenshots of Magran priest before and after opening Skaen priest's ability tree:

http://oi64.tinypic.com/21o6h4g.jpg before

http://oi64.tinypic.com/eumpgp.jpg after


I can't attached file with game logs so I uploaded it here: https://nofile.io/f/yDWv0c4sx8D/output_log.txt

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