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What's the deal with backers and the Definitive Edition?

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I've been waiting to play Pillars until it was finally finished. Not mostly done, but done. I was going to play it last year, but there was some mention about a final final edition coming up, so I figured I'd wait some more instead.


Now the Definitive Edition is it, right? No more waiting? Good. And I got an email saying that I "GET THE ALL-NEW DEADFIRE PACK DLC FREE," so that's good too. I'm not seeing this on GoG though. The Definitive Edition is there, but I have to buy that. And the regular old non-definitive edition is there, and I've got that purchased, but... it doesn't have anything in ALL CAPS, or a whole bunch of exclamation points, so I don't know. It seems undefinitive.


Maybe someone could explain to me what the deal is? Do I have to buy some expansions or something, in order to get the free one?

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I think it's all just incorporated in the 3.07 patch (the DLC I mean). The announcement in the other subforum says "v3.07 - the Deadfire Pack", but given that the other DLC has separate installers it is a touch confusing.


Hope that helps.

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