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Durance & Animancy

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Durance was one of the people who created the Godhammer Bomb.

The Godhammer Bomb was a bomb that not destroyed matter, but also souls.

Tech that interacts with souls is animancy.

We know that Magran approves of animancy.

I can't be the only one who thinks that Durance practiced animancy before the Saint's War, and that his anger towards animancy comes from shame as much as anger.

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It's view point on it. He has no problem in making the weapon TO burn the god soul out of the mortal body. It was a weapon with a single purpose.

Most animanciers use the knowledge for personal reasons but do not take responsibility for their mistakes.


Real life example. Think of Albert Einstein and the atom bomb. Then think of Albert being disgusted at people using nuclear power to make people live longer and become ghouls.

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