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Need help with the goal of getting Ultimate achievement with a tanky paladin build.

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Hello all. I am currently playing a Pali. I used to play a while back and beat the game on potd with my pali and a party but wanted to challenge myself this time. I really need help. I can't fight anything. Even a simple will o wisp or a small pack of wolves can beat me. I really need help. What can I do? I am level 3 so far. If needed, my build is this: Orlan, 18 might, 18 con, 7 dex, 13 per, 3 int, and 19 resolve. I followed this build off of other palis who got that achievement, but I am struggling myself. Thank you.

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Here are a few tips:

- pick the best items - worn buckler, hermit's cap, plate armor (npc in Gilded Vale), blunting belt, ring of minor deflection&protection, torc of the falcon's eyes/rimrgrand's mantle, fulvano's boots&gloves, fine arbalest, fine sword; go to raedric's hold and pick the gauntlets of accuracy, the boots of stability, the gloves of manipulation ASAP

- increase your deflection - get first the talents/abilities increasing your deflection and choose the right dialogue to boost faith&conviction ASAP

- always pull with using your ranged weapon and fight enemies 1 by 1 when possible (learn to split/use choke points)

- against strong/multiple enemies use potions/foods/scrolls/resting bonuses/traps

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