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Missing Fighters Tale Adventure Reward



I've the Steam version of Pathfinder Adventures, Obsidian Edition, and I've purchased the Fighters Tale DLC.


I've completed the DLC tonight, and I've a screen shot that shows the missions completed:



The Fighters Tale Adventure Reward says that it's 5000 Gold Pieces.


I did not receive the Adventure Reward for it's completion.


I restarted Pathfinder Adventures twice, in hopes that it was simply some kind of delay in the reward being recognized.


My account is Dewguru #1298


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If you're referring to the cards, they are not awarded to you party, rather they are added to your collection, and can be acquired like other treasure cards. If you make a new Valeros, you can add them to your initial deck because they are marked as "Owner: Valeros".

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And that 5000 gold is for legendary level.


Either you are wrong, or the game has another error in what is displayed.


Below is a screen shot where I started a brand new group. Notice what it says the Reward is for the Adventure. 5000 GP.




I'm basing my expectations off of what the screen showed me. If that reward is only available at the Legendary level, then it's extremely misleading, and breaks from how other rewards are shown to display it as such.

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