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New Fallout Tabletop RPG - Fallout d40

Tabletop pen and paper Tabletop RPG Fallout Tabletop Pen and Paper

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Hello Everyone,

Above is a link to a tabletop RPG I created based on Fallout. This is a finished product with a completed rulebook and its own unique ruleset modeled after Dungeons and Dragons. I also refer to it as Fallout d40 as it incorporates the d24, d30 and d40 into the dice that D&D uses. I've included links on where you can find these and what products to buy. Some hobby shops may carry them as well. On the website you can download the player's handbook, errata (because it's never too early!) as well as custom made character sheets.

The SPECIAL system and skills system work the same as in Fallout 3/New Vegas and creating a character should feel the same as creating one in one of those games. There are rules for weapon and armor degradation, chems, general maintenance needs (drink, food, sleep) and a multitude of perks that will hopefully give PCs tough choices over what they want to take. Combat should be both fast and balanced and hopefully allows guns to feel like guns. While the math is more involved than D&D at times, I don't feel it is overwhelming or cumbersome and I've tried to make it as easy as possible while still accomplishing the task at hand.

New Vegas is my favorite game of all time and this is one fan's ode to the Fallout universe. I have striven to create as balanced a game as possible while also pushing the D&D system in new directions. I welcome as much feedback as possible and please let me know what you think. You can also email me if you like at Falloutd40@gmail.com. Thank you!

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Thanks for your hard work! I took a look at it and it seems solid so far. I hope I will find people to play with :).

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Wow. Impressive!

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