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Blessing of Nethys in Rimeskull makes things strange



Platform: PC (Windows 10)

User: atwarner #9699

Scenario: Rimeskull

Difficulty: Legendary

Wildcards: Night Approaches, Blood in the Sand

Characters: Ezren, Merisiel, Sajan, Valeros, Lini, Seoni


Ezren closed a Stone Head on his turn. So did Merisiel (via Disable check). On Seoni's first turn, she explored and encountered a Warlord. She defeated him (Acid Ball + Valeros using Shock Longbow +1). She played Blessing of Nethys to explore. Seeing Stone Head and Dance with Squeally Nord, she chose Stone Head. When they encounter started, she wasn't giving the optoin to bury one of the 3 spells she had in hand. She had to do a check. She succeeded at the combat check. Then was asked Check/Bury. She chose bury, but didn't have to bury anyting. Then was asked "Shuffle/Top" (not sure why). She chose top. Then the location closed and she moved to the same location as Valeros.

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