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Favor of Nethys soft locks Sandpoint Under Siege



When encountering a monster using Favor of Nethys, the "Summon?" prompt appears, but the confirmation option disappears after a split second. Since the cancel option doesn't work (for obvious reasons) this causes a soft lock.


A VRT or full close returns the game to the Nethys choice, whereupon if a monster is chosen again, the same lock occurs.



Android 7.0 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Sandpoint Under Siege, Legendary difficulty, occurred in multiple games with different random traits

Encountered by Seelah in Scarnetti Manor, after using Crusade and exploring

Party: Seelah, Lini, Ezren, and Merisiel

Pass and play, permadeath both off

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This bug appears usually when the Wrathful Sinspawn wildcard is active. At least in adventure 1, probably happens with all other "summon a henchman when encountering a monster" wildcards.

Usually on the second choice between 3 cards I select anything other than a Monster to proceed with the game. So far I have never encountered situation with all 3 revealed cards being non-Henchman, non-Villain Monsters. In that case, the game would probably be lost ;)

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