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3.06 bug: dead enemies attack me





I am fighting the wolfs in the cave west of stalwart.

The last wolf dies, the quest updates and then a wolf hits Kana for 68 damage with frost breath and Hiravias for 23 damage.

Then combat ends.

None of the other enemies did something after their death. No enemy used this ability in this combat before.

I know that some enemies explode upon death, but not wolfes.

I play on hard difficulty.


expected behaviour:

No enemy should do anything after their death, exept it is stated that it is an effect that is triggered by death (like vengeful defeat or exploding elementals.)

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one more thing:


After the fight, the 2 injured hunters and one winter wolf are in the cave.

I can talk to the hunters, but when I click on the wolf my party walks to this position.

The wolf has a green circle under him and I cannot interact with it.


Not sure if this is a bug, but it looks strange that one wolf is still standing there peacefully.

The camera moved when the druid wolf talked to me, but I was fighting in the position shown in the image and the position of the wolf who is still alive after combat was not visible during combat.

After leaving and re entering the cave, the hunters and the wolf are gone.


When the druid wolf talked to me, I looked at his soul and tried to talk to him, but there was no option to solve this peacefully so I chose the passionate option and saved the hunters by attacking the wolfes.

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