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Help me create a party according my playing style

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I am new to PoE ( just installed it today) and before creating my main and my party I would like your suggestions. 


When I play RPG games I am mostly interested in the story, in discovering new places, in the interaction with party members and I do not care so much about combat or combat tactics, so I will play on Story Time mode.


I would like the main character and a party that involves the less micromanagement as possible. According to my description, what should be my main character and how should I set up my party?


Thank you very much.

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Sorry, this is so late, but I'd recommend playing a Chanter with high Might and Intellect and "Come, come, soft winds of death" as your first phrase. That combined with Ancient Memories and Beloved of Spirits as your first talents will put your party in good position to grind out attrition victories in Story Time mode. Eventually you'll want to use "The Dragon Thrashed" as your phrase and then you'll really be in business.

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What difficulty you playing on?

 If it's anything other than POTD, you might enjoy Barbarian.  He's very dangerous to groups and carnage is aptly named.  Enable Gibs to see hordes explode.  Build for Dual wield (maces or sabres are dandy, but anything with draining enchantments is good) to take advantage of Heart of Fury and other "full attack" abilities the barbarian has, and/or take a big weapon to punch through damage resistance.  (Soldier weapons - hours of st.Rumbault or Tall grass, both available very early in the game.  Crits = Prone.  And if you can find it, tidefall).  There are a ton af great Barbarian builds in the "Builds" post, so take a minute to look 'em up or just google search "Boeroer Barbarian" or "Pillars AndreaColombo Builds"


The rest of the party doesn't matter too much, but the party with the least amount of micromanagement is Eder, Pallegina, Sagani, and Grieving mother.  +1 other npc of your choice (doesn't really matter, once you set them all too aggressive AI, and grieving mother to crowd Control.  Make sure she uses phantom foes and/or paralasys, or mindwave).


On Path of the Damned, the pause button is your friend, and the NPC AI button is your enemy.  Beware trying to run a non-micromanage party, as I've recently found out myself.  You need lots of AOE, and lots of buffs/debuffs... and lots of AOE buffs/debuffs.  Make sure everyone's using the best heal bonus resting modifier they can (and pump up survival to at least 8 on everyone you can, IMO).  The accuracy vs. races modifiers are also good, and you can get a +2 survival resting bonus from Caed Nua to facilitate this, as many enemies have very high defenses, so you'll need to prepare for tougher battles and *Know Your Enemies*.  POTD not recommended for first-time playthrough.

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