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Earlygame Quest Order for PoTD Trial of Iron?

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After completing the game a couple of times on PoTD without Trial of Iron, I decided I'd go for the triple crown achievement. I don't wanna get merked by the ghosts at caed nua, is there a way I could hit level 4 before caed nua? What's the safest order of quest completion?

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Just a little background - I have completed 5 playthroughs on PotD ToI and restarted about twice as many times. And I try to complete all quests, but maybe at later times. You can refer to http://www.gamebanshee.com/pillarsofeternity for quest info.


Custom Companions

If you are hiring custom companions, try and skip most content in Cliant Lis by sneaking. So in all, you should only need to kill 1 Skuldr Whelp, 4 small Spiders and 1 Spider. Skip Valewood entirely. In Glided Vale after the hanging tree scene, head to the inn asap to hire the companions. Keep on the left side to prevent gaining exploratory exp from the Eothas Temple. The companions should only be 2202+ exp behind you.


After which, you can double back to Cilant Lis. The floor traps in particular are great to get the custom companions to lvl 2 quick.


Quest Order

I will recommend the following quest order:


Against the Grain

Late for Dinner

Vengeance from the Grave

Ferry Flotsam


With these, your party should be around lvl 3, with MC quite close to 4. The remaining quests are more combat intensive. Do note that the Hermit's Hat from Ferry Flotsam is great against the Large Spores in Anslog Compass cave.


The Smith's Shipment

A Mother's Plea


If you have a high level Mechanics character, note that you can start unlocking the doors in Raedrics Hold at Mech lvl 6 and the Ethos Temple door with the bell puzzle at Mech lvl 9.


When tackling Caed Nua, try to enter the keep from the bottom and then vertically up. The aim is to get the Whispers of Yenwood early before killing the rest of the Spirits. Also try and create at least 2 Scrolls of Fan of Flames if you dont have a Wizard. You can get Burned Lady and Spider Legs from Black Meadow and Esternwood. Which also means your scroll users needs at least Lore lvl 2. They are good against spirits.


Lvl 4 should be possible for your MC and Story Companions. But it will be tough for custom companions - I dont think I ever had custom companions reach lvl 4 before Maerwald.

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