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Game crash almost every time I load a new location/save

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Hi all. As above, a pretty common issue as I seen, I tried a lot of things to get through it, but still no solution with the standard suggested metods. I purchased the game 2 days ago, so it is the latest version; no background applications while i run it; the pc memory is cleaned with Advanced SystemCare; lowest graphic settings for the game.

See if someone can read throught the crash logs to find where is the problem, I attached a couple of them. Thanks in advance for every suggestion.

System specs also attached. Save file too big to get attached, but right now I'm trying to enter the catacombs, a location that seems to be one of the most problematics; I also can't get to my fort, while I managed to enter almost all others locations after a couple of crashes, sometime I enter, sometime I crash, but you all understand that the game is unplayable in this state.

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